Picking up words

Nigh and Day, W. Woolf (novel), part I-II


The Sunrise Venue and Variations (on-going installation)

Shopping center Itis, Helsinki 2016


The Sunrise Venue 

Galleria Lapinlahti 1.12.2018



Galleria Rajatila, Tampere, solo exhibition 6.1. – 22.1.2019

The “Identity workshop” in the Gallery Rajatila invites citizens to use a service that makes it possible to get their own HELA (general) card made for the prevailing conditions.


Frustration Expression Galleria Rajatila, Tampere 5.1.-22.1.2019

The Frustration Expression is an interactive sculpture whose function (inactivity) is based on the sound generated by pumping air and the movement that pushes the air stream through the copper tube through a standing pedestal and its hollow shaft into the drain pipe.

The work has been on display in January 2019 at Galleria Rajatila as part of an interactive work called Identieettipaja (Identity workshop). The sculpture makes it possible to experience the challenge of generating an air stream. The sewer pipe is clogged with a tennis sock so that the air flow from pumping stops. The pursuit may change to frustration, but frustration can at best increase the tolerance of imperfection, which is rarely too much.

Frustraation ilmentäjä


Arabia Collection

Galleria Katariina studio 2016


Epistemic framing with idealistic tendency

Liisankatu 8 c – Rooma, 2018- 2019


Prepare to leave 100 times

3D Virtual Tour (Matterport) as inject prints

Liisankatu 8 c (previously Ministry of Agriculture) Helsinki 2018


Mystery Store – Under construction

Herttoniemi Block Party 2018


KELA CARD (KELAKORTTI) is a kind of guarantee of the Finnish identity. It seemed sufficiently recognizable object, through which could get to reflect on how national identity can be defined.  I scanned my Kela- card and emptied of its personal information and replaced missing information to the information of some database, which the encoding program began to draw at randomly. These names and social security numbers combinations does not “really” existed. 

Stop-motion animation If your card disappears  is presented in two group exhibitions: Systems II / AAVE Festival / VTT Sörnäinen, and Perpecular / Mäkelänkatu 60, both in 2016. The work is also presented in part of  Kino-club program in movie theater Orion, Helsinki 2017.


Office in the Office

The exhibition Perpecular presented 24 artists and art students from Academy of Fine Arts . The intention of the exhibition was to show the growth of the ideas, their transformations and developments as well as to create a group exhibition to empty commercial/office space. The exhibition was shown in Mäkelänkatu 60 Helsinki.


Fragments of Felt

installation and performance at Tasku-galleria 2017 + installation at  Viru Center, Tallinn 2018



Performance, Viikki, Purolahti and Kivinokka bird watching tower Helsinki. Duration: 4h.The horizon reveals an attitude towards the world: the spatial vastness that lives on changes every moment and situation. It is a walk or a peek into an unknown terrain. It is a metaphor for its subject as the first perceptual factor whose primary function is to sense and stare at the coming, unknown.

I had received a hint of a rare bird in Purolahti, Viikki. I prepared for spotting by making appear telescope for bird watching.


The Artist in society

  • Mouse spray painting at the wall

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