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Mia Seppälä is an artist and researcher in the field of artistic research. Currently she is a doctoral candidate at the Academy of Fine Arts at the University of the Arts Helsinki. She works on site-specific artistic practice using the moving image, photography, performance and painting. The topics of her works are often based on existing structures, forms, and established procedures. They may be identifiable and ordinary, but sometimes they are concealed and harder to discern.

In her doctoral studies in artistic research, she explores the relationship between site-specific work, observation, space and time using the research method she has developed. Part of the work related to the research has been carried out in a workspace located in the Itis shopping centre.

Seppälä has participated in exhibitions, festivals and conferences in Finland and internationally. More recently (2022) her works have been seen in a curated joint exhibition at the Finnish Museum of Photography, at The Colloquium on Artistic Research in Performing Arts CARPA 7 conference and in the form of artistic interventions on the streets of Belleville, Paris. Mia Seppälä holds a Master of Fine Arts (2017, the Academy of Fine Arts).


Upcoming / Current

Suomen Valokuvataiteen museo – Finnish Museum of Photography 12.5.2022 – 28.8.2022 Valokuvan paradoksit – Paradoxes of photography



Yleisötapahtumia / Public events:

Paradoxes of Photography 13.5.–28.8.2022

Paradoxes of Photography invites viewers to reflect on the expectations and concepts related to photography. The exhibition is a selection of research-based projects that challenge the idea of “the photographic”.

Various photographic techniques, chemical, optical, electronic, digital, and computational, share the goal of simulating visual perception. An image endowed with a photographic look is easily thought of as evidence of a presence in front of a camera, even though it may result from computational processes. Paradoxically, if you see an image as a photograph, it is a photograph – for you. Seeing images as photographs through the lens of photography constitutes the exhibition’s core.

Artists and researchers:

Bruno Caldas, Outi Condit & Rosie Swayne, Stephen Cornford, Suzanne Mooney, Tuula Närhinen, Tuomo Rainio, Mia Seppälä, Jenni Niemelä-Nyrhinen & Niina Uusitalo, Jukka Häkkinen and working group.

The exhibition has been curated by Mika Elo.

The exhibition has been funded by The Olga and Vilho Linnamo Foundation, The Academy of Finland funded Post-digital Epistemologies of the Photographic Image (PEPI) project, and The Academy of Fine Arts, University of the Arts Helsinki.


ÜBERHUND – taiteen kiehtovat koirat– Salon taidemuseo 24.9.2022 – 8.1.2023

Making Artistic Research Public – Artistic Research Network (EARN) – event with exhibition, talks and happenings, Helsinki 27-28.10.2022

Interim – Valkoinen Studio, Kuvataideakatemia Mylly / Helsinki 15.12. – 22.12. 2022 Mia Seppälä, Tülay Schakir, Salla Myllylä ja Nanni Vapaavuori.


Hietsusta avaruuteen / Hietsun paviljonki, Helsinki 25.8.2022 (teoksia, installaatioita) (

Meri – HAA Europe- project / HAA Gallery 4.6.-30.7. 2022 curated by Tiiu Rebane ja Jaan Elken (Estonia).

Belleville artists’ open studios event, 33rd edition “Envolée” 20.5.-23.5.2022 Buttes-Chaumont – Belleville, Paris

Helsinki Photomedia Conference April 2022Images among us

Research or Not Research in the Post-disciplinary Academy? X-plinary Congress on Artistic Research and Related Matters, Vilnius Academy of Arts & SODAS 2123. October 14-17th, 2021.

CARPA 7 conference: Elastic Writing in Artistic Research – 26 – 28 August 2021: The 7th Colloquium on Artistic Research in Performing Arts 2021

Nordic Summer Academy for Artistic Research (SAAR). The venue for SAAR 2021 August 8th–14th 2021, Finland

First International Festival of Manuports 12.8.—10.10.2021 / kunsthalle KOHTA

Research Pavilion #4

Short article in Taide-magazine, 20, issue 3/21 Taiteellisten tutkijoiden uimarantakesä

Esa-Arts 11th midterm conference – The social effects of art  9-12 March 2021 /

Taidegrafiikan tapa olla 2/2021 Works included in a publication Printed matters: merkitysten kerroksia, edited by Martta Heikkilä & Annu Vertanen, published by the University of the Arts Helsinki. See the whole publication here.

Cooking for the Apocalypse – Eco Noir: A companion for Precarious Times on Laboratory 20.11.2020 – 9.12.2020

s.p.h.e.r.e. Excursions outside the digibox collateral workshop on digital platforms


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