Mia Seppälä is a visual artist who lives in Helsinki, where she is currently pursuing a doctorate at the Finnish University of Fine Arts. Seppälä works with photography, painting, a moving image and participatory art on which topic builds on existing structures, formats and established procedures. They may be identifiable and ordinary, but sometimes they are concealed and harder to discern. 

Seppälä asks by her artistic practice, what if the theme of exhibition, or the topic of a work, was not about the works themselves, but rather about the question of what art really is and how it is made? What is possible in art? 

Her works have been seen in private and group exhibitions in Finland and internationally. Seppälä completed her MFA degree from the University of the Arts Helsinki in 2017.


First International Festival of Manuports 12.8.—10.10.2021 / kunsthalle KOHTA


Research Pavilion #4



Short article in Taide-magazine, 20, issue 3/21 Taiteellisten tutkijoiden uimarantakesä

Esa-Arts 11th midterm conference – The social effects of art The ESA Research Network Sociology of the Arts Workshop by Mia Seppälä: The image creates its skin.


2/2021 Works included in a publication Printed matters: merkitysten kerroksia, edited by Martta Heikkilä & Annu Vertanen, published by the University of the Arts Helsinki. See the whole publication here.

Cooking for the Apocalypse – Eco Noir: A companion for Precarious Times https://www.artandeducation.net/announcements/358480/cooking-for-the-apocalypseeco-noir-a-companion-for-precarious-times

Exhibition Laboratory 20.11.2020 – 9.12.2020

s.p.h.e.r.e. Excursions outside the digibox collateral workshop on digital platforms https://www.digiteatteri.fi/sphere