De-painted content (2019)


Words are Greedy Worms (2019)


Message as a Sculpture (2018)




Gesture to the Statue

The Unknown City / 2017 in Vallila, Helsinki.

My aim was to experience the original distance of two statues through mimetic gesture. The distance was based on the mystery of the statue of the Finnish sculptor Aukusti Veuro (1948).


Stand with Stand

Nilsiänkatu 16-20. Helsinki 2017

The Possibility of Change With the Point of Reference

acrylic resin, silicone, wax / 2017

>Kuvanveisto klubi 2017

The New World

re-prented book- installation, Exhibition laboratory 2015


In the summer of 2013, we recorded topografic amputation of the Tampere city and after that edited the material and installed the work : Tiesulku (Roadblock) in the Gallery Ronga, Tampere. Materials were found and borrowed from immediate surroundings. The work served its purpose: It totally territorialized and prevented the free moving in the space.

Roadblock_2013_videoinstallation_Gallery Ronga_MS

The Slide

Act: Marcel Duchamp poster slides down the slide. Leikkiluola Helsinki 2018. And he almost said: “After a long period of artistic silence, you cannot avoid the slide”.

The slide 2018, leikkiluola Helsinki




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