Off painting is a method where the pigment of a digital photo printed on a canvas is removed with water and a brush. The act takes place in the same location where the photo was taken. The method can be used to simulate, construct, and implement the events that help identify the uniqueness of a particular place and situation.


ESA-Arts 11th midterm conference (Online) – THE SOCIAL EFFECTS OF ART

Thursday 11 March 2021 from 15.30 to 17.00

Workshop by Mia Seppälä: The image creates its skin.

The workshop arranged onsite in the center of Helsinki. The maximum amount of participants is 5 persons.

  • On the easel there is a print resembling a painting of the Helsinki Music Hall, from which the Music Hall has been removed with the help of water and a brush.

Black Pond

Painting off the pond with water and brush


 Off Painting Hirvitalo 

Workshop and performance. 1 August 2020 Hirvitalo, Tampere

Hirvitalon työpajat – workshops


Off Painting Variations in The Mall

In April 2020, I worked at mall of Itäkeskus Helsinki. The original idea was to ask people around the mall to participate in the off-painting process, but Covid-19 changed my plan. 



Piles of Coal

Hanasaari, Helsinki

Valkoposkihanhet / Barnacle Geese

Porolahti 12.8-18.8.2019 Helsinki


Updating The Seascape


The Sunrise Venue

Mall of Itis 2016-2018, Helsinki 


Galleria Lapinlahti:


Teksti-The Sunrise Venue


Unknown Autograph