Hidas selfie – Slow selfie

Puupiirros digitaalisen ja fyysisen tilan alustana Taideyliopiston KuvataideakatemiaSymposium 6.2.2021: Taidegrafiikan Tapa olla - materiality, collaboration and agency Keskeyttämisen potentiaalisuus puulaatalla Herman Melvillen Bartlebyn hieno motto "Mieluummin en" (I would prefer not to) luo vaikutelman lykätystä toiminnasta ilman pakon sanelemaa tragedian tunnetta. Keskeytymisen käsite voi tarjota keskustelulle uuden näkökulman tai "äänen". Keskeyttämisen potentiaalisuus ei välttämättä konkretisoidu. … Continue reading Hidas selfie – Slow selfie

Portrait of a Barnacle goose

I continued my experiments with Barnacle Geese. This time I showed the geese their self-portraits, and they seemed a little bit interested. At the same time, I received comments from passers-by who had paid attention to my choreography that followed the movements of the geese.

SibaFest 2020

SIBAFEST / Sun 26 Jan at 12.00, 14.00, 16.00 Sibelius Academy main entrance, Music Centre Duration: 60 min Admission free Making use of GPS technology, this sonic walk offers listeners a new perspective on the area around Töölönlahti bay. Listeners download an app, put on headphones and walk around Töölönlahti bay, hearing music created specifically … Continue reading SibaFest 2020

MuTeFest 2019

The sonic environment which surrounds the sentient. The hearer, or listener, is at the centre of the soundscape. It is a context, it surrounds and it generally consists of many sounds coming from different directions and of differing characteristicsé Soundscapes surround and unfold incomplex symphonies or cacophonies of sound. P. Rodaway, Sensuous Geographies. Routledge, 1994, … Continue reading MuTeFest 2019


Performance Nuijaus / Viikki, Purolahti and Kivinokka bird watching tower Helsinki. Duration: 4h.# I had received a hint of a rare bird in Purolahti, Viikki. I prepared for spotting by making a paper telescope for bird watching.                        

Act 5

Ownership is a work in which I take on the dog owner's imaginary dimension, because I do not own a dog myself. The similarity of the imaginary situation shifts to the real one. Identity seems to be made up of similarities or characteristics without being similar or equivalent. Video performance, Tuorinniemi Helsinki       … Continue reading Act 5