EARN gathering, Exhibition: Making Artistic Research Public

Works by the European Artistic Research Network (EARN) Working Groups

How to make artistic research public? How do artworks engage with their immediate surroundings, neighbourhoods and public space? How to bring forth artistic research in its diversity and variety? The gathering of the European Artistic Research Network (EARN) and the accompanying exhibition engages with these questions.

There will be an exhibition in connection with the gathering which will take place in various spaces in Mylly building at the Academy of Fine Arts. The exhibition will open 27 October, during the gathering, and stay open until 13 November 2022. 

Both the gathering and the exhibition have a free admission and they are open to all, welcome! http://www.artresearch.eu/2022/07/18/making-artistic-research-public-27-28-10-2022/

Strategian etälukeminen / Distance Reading of the Strategy (2022) Installation: binoculars and coordinates / Mia Seppälä


Mia Seppälä’s exposition’s point of departure is the University of Art’s strategy 2021-2030. Her exposition “Strategian Sisäistäminen”[Internalizing strategy] contains a video performance that is, in short, about internalizing University’s strategy: in the performance she dilutes the strategy through a method of painting, dissolving the printed strategy into a liquid, and finally drinking it. In the video performance we see Seppälä perform in front of the Finnish Parliament. The exposition brings together several themes, of which most dominant are questions of power, art institutions and their publicly announced functions as well as the public space. What is the autonomy of the universities and the arts – who or what governs them? How is the publicly announced strategy in relation to the grassroots level, to the students and artists? How is power seen and can power see us?

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