Exposition in the GatewayViipurinkatu 14, Helsinki 27.5-3.6.2019. In this exposition I tried the effect of natural light on differently colored surfaces. The time, the wind and other environmental influences became part of the experiment.


Updating the Hue / warehouse Herttoniemi Helsinki 2019

There was opportunity to do a mural on the wall of the warehouse in Herttoniemi Helsinki. I decided to use a particular white shade that was only slightly different from the original. It is about the tension between representing and what has already been presented. Performative act is also a subtle response to what is often expected of a mural.


Background colour

Orimattila Summer Theater Backstage 2020


Sininen Huppari – Blue hoodie

Mall of Itis, Helsinki 2020




Turned Paintings

I nailed pieces with a hammer on top of old frames, which I also turned around. So I got twice more translations. The original painting was left behind a new invisible reminder of their existence.


Painting presentation

Orimattila Summer Theather


Washing out trousers