• Maisemat maisemassa

    Maisemat maisemassa

    Performanssi ja näyttely Tuorinniemen uimarannalla Helsingissä 25.8.2021. Performanssin ja näyttelyn kesto: 30:00 minuuttia. —- Landscapes in the landscape Performance and exhibition at Tuorinniemi beach in Helsinki on August 25, 2021. Duration of performance and exhibition: 30:00 minutes.

  • act 4

    act 4

    The Unknown Autograph / Gallery of possible inventions 2019 Play Signature 1 : Gallery of possible inventions 2019                            

  • act 3

    act 3

    Working with Barnacle Geese / Porolahti, Helsinki 12.8-18.8.2019 At first, the geese behaved suspiciously and moved elsewhere as I approached them. But over time, my presence didn’t seem to bother, and they didn’t escape anymore. It was fascinating to work with these individuals – waiting for the next form of collaboration. https://vimeo.com/467779995

  • act 1

    act 1

    Off-painting act 0-1 The Sunrise Venue  2016-2019 Itäkeskus – Galleria Lapinlahti – Art Fair Suomi Helsinki