SibaFest 2020

SIBAFEST / Sun 26 Jan at 12.00, 14.00, 16.00
Sibelius Academy main entrance, Music Centre
Duration: 60 min
Admission free

Making use of GPS technology, this sonic walk offers listeners a new perspective on the area around Töölönlahti bay. Listeners download an app, put on headphones and walk around Töölönlahti bay, hearing music created specifically for the walk by music technology students at the Sibelius Academy.

The sonic walk starts at the main entrance of the Sibelius Academy at the corner of the Music Centre. Bring your own smartphone and headphones.

The technology is developed by SoundWays and the collective MU in Paris. The whole enables a new kind of listening experience that can be called deambulatory listening and a new kind of composition practice for creating such experience.

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